Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Group Fileshare v2 for JomSocial 1.8

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Group Fileshare v2 for JomSocial 1.8


Group file share is a component which has an easy installation feature. In the component there is a button to automatically add Group file share to your group pages.

If you ever decide to Uninstall this, then there is a setting to revert back to normal.

Group File share allows users in a group to upload different file types, ready for other group users to use.

This is perfect for people who want an interactive social community.

If the user uploads an image, then a preview button will display so users can automatically preivew the image before download.

If the user uploads an .mp3, then a Preview music player will also appear.

You do not need the Profile File sharing application for this to work.



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