Monday, December 27, 2010

DLE 9.0 + IPB 3.1

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Ready integration DLE 9.0 + IPB 3.1 (both cursors nulled)
The basic possibilities of the module:
- The forum can be on a subdomain or on other domain
- Bases of a forum and a site can differ, if one base that switching is used doesn't occur
-Prifiksy tables too can be both different and identical
- Each possibility can be switched off in Admincp
- Bilaterial registration
- The general authorization
- The general profile
- Password restoration in any script
- At editing/removal/addition of users in Admincp DLE changes occur and at a forum, up to login change
- TH site it is possible to hang up the reference "to Discuss at a forum" at transition on which automatically it is created (if there is no) a theme at a forum.
- Near the reference it is possible to deduce quantity discussion posts
- For the reference it can be used
- The reference kind is adjusted in Admincp
- Probably for different categories on a site to appoint separate forums.
- TH site also can be established blocks: "Last messages from a forum", "Birthday men", "Who on a site"
- All options to be made in Admincp a site, including a kind of display of blocks, a post at a forum and references to a forum.
- The data for the block "Who on a site undertakes from base of sessions of a forum and displays all users who are on a site and at a forum one inquiry hence is used
- Automatic carrying over users from a site on a forum




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