Sunday, May 8, 2011

We are moving to Wordpress for better Service

Dear Users,

I am happy to announce that we are moving to Wordpress for giving you better service and resources. 

It was noticed in last few months that the level of interactivity has reduced on this blog so we decided to go to wordpress and offer our users a whole lot of features for blogging. Our New URL is .

The ultimate goal of content sharing it make it bigger but here we were taking content but can't post but on Honey Free Tempaltes.  Now We have enabled this feature so that users can make posts and make this website more resourceful. 

If every user contributes on his part we can make this a great website in future with huge content. 

As an introductory offer I wish to offer you an unlimited Cpanel Hosting Account and for that you need to do the following:

1. Make 5 posts (i.e Photoshop material, Webdesign/Graphics Stuff, scripts, nulled and ripped websites, templates etc)
2. Then PM me 
3. I will create an unlimited Account for you and give you details.
4. You need to write a testimonial for me stating that it\'s not fake and you got a real working account. I will give link in PM. 
5. You need to make just 10posts/week to keep the account alive.
6. If you make more posts than PM me with number of posts you made I will check them and will add additional resources to your account. 
7. If you make 100posts/month than you get Reseller Account (10 Users).
8. If you make 120posts/month than you get Reseller Account (100 Users) and editor status.
9. If you make 150posts/month than you get Unlimited Reseller Account and admin status.

So, Enjoy and make posts. You can also earn by placing your short url and by uploading to file sharing websites. You can repost from any other website. 


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  1. Other blogging platforms have features that suits your needs.

  2. The main advantage of WordPress is auto pinging on update of blog post!

    Event Templates

  3. I guess you could say that WordPress is much more SEO friendly. Aside from the decent templates that it has, it's anti-spam features are very reliable.